Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • UV / OZONE light leaves no harmful substance behind
  • Sterile-Bright guarantees safe OZONE levels according to OSHA(under 0.5 parts / million is safe for limited human exposure)
  • While Sterile-Bright does not recommend any exposure to light, therisk level is far less than getting your teeth x-rayed at the dentist
  • Sterile-Bright generates far UV-C radiation within its spectrum andcould limit output between 207nm and 222nm the alleged “safe range.”

FAR UVC Radiation (Lightbulbs that include the UV/OZONE that are safe for prolonged exposure) is a theoretical next gen product with no practical implementation to date. There have been no long term live studies proving its safety

  • We consult with your electrical contractor to devise an implementation strategy at no fee
  • We do not get involved in the installation because states have different building codes and license requirements. It is more cost effective for our clients if we partner with your existing contractor